Thursday, 28 January 2010

BEEP AFTER EVERY NUMBER 98765(4321)BEEPS God's agent, in the swimming pool to sketch broken arch of London Bridge the BEEP ruins of St. Paul's, to sketch exactly as Victorian Englishmen987659876598765 sketched some died in the abhorrent whiteness those of polo necks for Rome. I pick them off next to t BEEP he sudden fuzz down the blower the commercial warehouse is (4321) Cannon Street Station, brand-ne BEEP w in 1873 of a sanatorium, of a prison but here I imagined 987659876598765 with the cast-iron piers of the red tomato and BEEP a green, I double agent, I replace the tired estate agent, I biological agent, I sits on a anti-caking agent, agent-agent-agent. This machine can actually rather rise see the difference bet BEEP ween a Shot tomato. Some. I can't find the numbered divisibility nor money nor love I am free agent. Some feedback territory. Hungry. Went to the hotel and stole the sheets. Found BEEP some The cathedral-like ruin sugar. I 98765 had a bridge rusting away in the tidal ooze I BEEP had a nurse but she had broken her ruin ankle. Fished the last ever bird.

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