Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Last man in Herne Bay

I am not a man
except for this pint
except that I am the last
in Herne Bay.

Mini golf. A barking noise.
It’s never occurred to me.
I am for the Swayze
Just coming on the jukebox.

When you are trendy for a pint
God it’s so ironic we are here
my manners have slipped
dancing on my own

When you are the last
you will dig out oysters
and lob them at the rocks
like the birds

you will step over
a leaking postman
to scoff wafer cones
from the kiosks

you will catch
yourself mumbling
along the corridors
of the marine hotel at night

when you are mechanical
and will always face
the sea
what can you do?

was it you I was with?
paying £1.20 to eat these slugs
and getting pissed on the beach
Jesus Christ.

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