Wednesday, 23 April 2008

making postcards

Hey guys - I have a little home printing machine called a print gocco which we can use to make postcard poems specially for the reading. It's cheap, so we could give them away to people as mementos. There's a flickr group here which shows the sort of thing you can produce, so we could incorporate words and pictures.

We can even accomplish this at a distance, if you have access to a computer: you just use a programme like paintshop to make a postcard-sized image (eg. 14x10cm), then email it to me as a jpeg or pdf file. I can print it out and photocopy it at the print shop up the road, and then use the photocopy to make the postcards.

You've both seen my DeTour postcards I think - I made them with the Gocco. The only restriction is that it's quite hard to get different colours bordering each other, unless you use multiple screens.

What do you think? We could work on designs and post them up here. In fact, I'm going to add one now, an old postcard I made (by hand, not by Gocco):

Ideas: souvenirs, mementos, calling cards, poetry readings, Luton(?).



foodie said...

Hey Jamie,

I think this sounds like a icked idea. I'd love to send you some postcards!!

You want them in a jpeg file right?

foodie said...

Ha I'm coming up as a foodie. Technology is baffling.

I am not really foodie. I am Abigail Oblogna