Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Excercises in style

Hey poemries,

Oblog here. I have an idea. What about doing a communal poem type thing based on small narrative repeated in loads of different styles just like Queneau's Excercises in style.

I thought our initial text could be an introduction to a poem and then we repeat the same intro in a different stlye. Some examples from exercises in style include . . . .

reported speech, passive, exclamations, onomatapea's (I know I didn't spell that right, you know what I meant), haiku, mathematical . . . .the possibilities are endless and it would be quite funny to play around with the whole ridiculously long intro to a peom thing that we all do from time to time.

I could post up a 80 word starter and we could each reproduce the text in a few different styles. For performance maybe we play around with reading over each other a bit or reading some bits together? I don't know?

What do you guys think?

Check out this comic version based on the same idea


Holly Pester said...

I LOVE this idea. This would be brilliant. Was it you Abi? Or you Jamie? We can incorporate uses of our own names (my only idea so far - but I just love the idea of creating that false/heightened presence)


JAH said...

This was Abi - the best idea yet. We could use a found piece of text, dictort it by adding our own names, and then riff off it as variations. Gotta dash now, but will come back later and post an example.