Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Minutes etc

Our brief meeting in Luton . . .

Planning for the Blue Bus reading on the 23rd July.

We have an hour and a half to play with. We talked about the possibility of starting with some collaborative material (about 15 minutes worth) and then having the first reader followed by an interval. After the interval perhaps having the next two readers and finishing with a bit of collaborative work.

We decided to try and meet on the second Thursday in June, in London in the afternoon.

Before the meeting we agreed to email round some work, even incomplete drafts so that we can keep going with the variations and posting these onto the blog.

We also agreed to bring postcard designs to the meeting in London and to each chip in a fiver to cover the ink and paper costs. The postcards should not be in grey scale but rather, black and white or another colour on a white background. For instance, an area of green text and a separate area of red text both on white rather than a design which uses multiple colours on one area. Have I got this right Jamie?

We also discussed the possibility of using the 'name games' idea somehow on the postcards.

Anything I missed out guys?

I've had an idea for our next gig, see below . . .

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