Thursday, 5 June 2008

a few thoughts on postcards

Hey Abi - thanks for yr comment about the card. I like the idea of it being handled - this could either be done in production eg. put inky thumbprints over the original, then photocopy it - the prints would then be printed like the text. the alternative is to do it on each card after printing - it is then a unique 'signed' object. Do we want to embrace the mechanical or do we hanker for aura still?

we could even have a box on each of our cards where we put our thumbprint or fingerprint.

I heart typefaces. The one I've used is Garamond (you don't get a huge choice of genuinely historical fonts with Paintshop, but this is a good one) and hopefully the card might look like it's been letterpressed rather than silkscreened.

There's also a lot of opportunity to go for a zine / punk / messy look - anything that's photocopiable can be used as an original. So collage is IN, line drawings are IN, scribbles are IN. (Lots of colours are NOT SO IN).

More photos of gocco prints at the flickr group here - lots of artists using them, no poets that i know of. we are AHEAD OF OUR GAME.

I will bring the gocco machine to our meeting next week.


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