Thursday, 5 June 2008

version 3

If you guys give me images like this, I will photocopy them in black and white and then we can decide on colours afterwards. Eg. on this card, the text could be blue and the image green, and we could keep the inks separate using strips of foam, but we couldn't make the fingerprints a different colour from the background because they overlap.

I have left a border round the edge of the card because the printing gets a bit hit-and-miss round the perimeter (the flashbulbs don't always make the carbon fuse at the edges, so there are gaps and splodges when you ink it up.) But you could always work with this and use the randomness of lost text.

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JAH said...

Ok, cool cool cool.

I'm well excited about doing these postcards. I want my calling cards to look like recipe cards. Weird recipe cards.

Can I help you with the printing part? I was thinking about 'handling' my postcards with the help of some food, beetroot juice, choclate smears etc etc. I might even go in for some vegetable printing, you know, when you were a kid and you cut a shape into a potato or something and use it to print stuff by dipping it in ink?