Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tongue Sound Poem

I'm trying to put in a link to a sound poem I made but not sure if this will work. Try here


JAH said...

This is great Abi - at least I think it's Abi what done this... right? Would you want to attempt this live or just play the recording? If you wanted, you could try writing a score for Holly and I to interpret whilst you did your ox tongue performance...


JAH said...

Yeah it was me. I'm not too sure about it. I'm not too sure how this tongue performance thing is going to work but it could be really good if we could pull it off.

My head chef suggested passing an electric current through the tongue so that it convulses. He also gave me a recipe for cooking it.

Perhaps I could buy a cheap remote controlled toy of somekind and attached the tongue to it.

I don't know!

I';d like to try and find a way to animate it that doesn't look too rubbish.

JAH said...

Abi again.

We could have a go a singing together. The reason I'm not sure about this 'sound poem' thing is that maybe it's not sound poetry but just crap music. Is there a definition of sound poetry though? Probably not.

I reckon we could practice singing together but just improvise and sing in gobbledegook.

I was trying to make a kind of noise poem based on sound that you can make with your tongue. There's no reason we can't perform this live it could be pretty cool