Wednesday, 4 June 2008

first attempt at 'calling card' postcard

hey guys - i've made a first draft postcard. i don't think i'm really using the visual potential, and there's not much space left. perhaps a way forward would be 2 have fewer words, and get them interacting with an image (drawn or found) in an interesting way.



JAH said...

Yeah, I don't know whether I agree about the visual potential thing. I mean, using an image is great, when I did some visual poetry at uni it was all photos of toads and stuff like that but I think this ones quite nice without an image.

The image of the words on the page and the shape that that makes is quite interesting. I like the fact that there are no capital letters. That does something for the shape and the image that the words form on the page as well.

I was thinking about the last line and how kind of 'human' it sounds compared to the rest of the poem. It's all brickwork, buildings, noticebord, silver, mobiles and then this last really quite dirtily human line.

I was thinking it would be cool to have the postcard looking handled. I don't know whether you could do this with your printer or whether you could just get really grubby hands and fondle them a bit.

Just an idea.

JAH said...

That was me, Abi by the way, forgot about the name at the end